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自2000年開始,不少本地藝術家紛紛在工廠大廈設立工作室,位於沙田火炭的工廈凝聚了一群藝術家, 逐漸形成一個充滿活力的藝術村。 開放日期間將有不同媒介的藝術工作室開放,有繪畫、雕塑、 陶瓷、混合媒介、版畫、攝影、錄像及新媒體等。 參訪者可以欣賞各藝術家的創作天地及體驗他們創作歷程時,更可與藝術家直接對話,在輕鬆的氣氛下交流創作心得和經驗。

Since 2000, a growing number of artists have set up their workshops in the industrial area of Fo Tan. As a result, Fo Tan has transformed from a predominantly industrial area into a vibrant artistic community. Every year, the most anticipated cultural event held in Fo Tan is the annual Open Studios. During this event, artists working in various media including painting, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, prints, photography, installation, video and new media, open their studios to the public. It is a unique opportunity for the public to become more familiar with the artists working environment and develop a deeper understanding of their creations. Visitors also have the opportunity to have a direct dialogue with artists in a warm and casual atmosphere.



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